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MBA in Leading Innovation and Change
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MBA in International Healthcare Management
New Zealand
“I was able to work and study at the same time, and gain a useful degree which can help advance my career path. The online support provided by the University throughout the course was awesome.”
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MSc in Data Analytics
“Having the ability to stop, rewind and grab a fresh cup of tea during lectures worked for me. I also found myself being able to check and expand on content that I was unsure of without missing parts as is possible in face-to-face lectures. The live sessions were frequent and long enough to get benefit for the course hand ins. At masters level most of the time is spent doing research. I recommend learning how to use the citation functions in Word, learn how to find papers and store them methodically as these skills alone will help make the most of your study time.”
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LLM International Commercial Law
United Arab Emirates
“Innovative, streamlined and collaborative online RKC platform makes course work highly perceptive and easy to complete. My advise to prospective student(s) will be not to waste anytime in joining the journey to your further studies vide RKC as every instant of time passing by is letting go of good opportunity to enhance your skills.”
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MSc in Project Management
“My master's degree was completed through Robert Kennedy College in cooperation with the University of Salford, majoring in project management. This integration between them gave me the opportunity to obtain a great scientific value, although I did not have much time because of my preoccupation with work, as Robert Kennedy College provides great flexibility in distance study without affecting the value of the scientific subject. ”
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MBA in Artificial Intelligence
“Although the online classes were held late at night in Japan due to the time difference, I learned something every time and had the pleasure of communicating with my classmates. The report corrections were very thorough in all subjects. The comments from the professors were really eye-opening to me.”
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MBA in Finance and Sustainability
“Do not be afraid to dive into a completely new and unfamiliar topics. Change yourselves, update your knowledge and lead the changes inside you and in your environment!”
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MBA in Educational Leadership
“What I want to show you from my experience, learning at RKC gave you a stimulation and motivation to go forward in your life. And you will know why you should keep to study in your life.”
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MBA in International Business
United States
“My travel and client demands are considerable. It was only through the very well structured program and applying discipline each week, that I was able to manage the time demands very well, never feel pressured, and actually enjoy the course and subject matter. My advice is, focus on the lesson for the week, build your timetable, and be disciplined. Even the most demanding schedule can accommodate this program. ”
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