1. To Provide a Strong Foundation in Research Methodology: Equip students with comprehensive knowledge in various research approaches and techniques, preparing them for advanced academic inquiries and doctoral studies.

  2. To Develop Critical Analysis and Problem-Solving Skills: Enhance students' ability to critically analyze complex information, identify research gaps, and develop innovative solutions to academic and real-world problems.

  3. To Foster Academic Excellence and Integrity: Instill a deep understanding of ethical research practices and promote integrity in academic work, ensuring responsible and credible scholarly contributions.

  4. To Prepare for Doctoral Success: Ensure students are thoroughly prepared for the rigors of PhD programmes at the University of Gloucestershire, with a solid grounding in research principles and methodologies.\


Upon successful completion of the Executive Diploma in Advanced Research and subsequent enrolment in one of the University of Gloucestershire’s PhD programmes, students will:

  1. Demonstrate Mastery in Research Methodologies: Have a robust understanding of various research methodologies, enabling the selection and application of appropriate techniques in their doctoral studies.

  2. Exhibit Advanced Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills: Be able to critically evaluate academic literature, develop coherent research proposals, and effectively address complex research questions.

  3. Show Competence in Ethical Research Practices: Understand and apply ethical considerations in research, ensuring the integrity and credibility of their academic work.

  4. Be Prepared for Doctoral-Level Research: Possess the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake rigorous doctoral research, contributing significantly to their field of study.

  5. Develop Professional Research Competencies: Gain valuable skills in academic writing, data analysis, and presenting research findings, beneficial for both academic and professional career paths.